Spark Plug Cleaner

Has the spark gone out of your life? We'll put in back in! Or at the very least, we'll help you to effectively test and clean your aircraft's spark plugs. We offer high-quality spark plug cleaners and testers, service units and abrasive powders such as walnut shells that are safe to use on fine spark plug wires. There are spark plug tool kits and even replacement grommets, adapters and abrasive bags for the spark plug cleaner. The Champion spark plug cleaner both tests and cleans aviation spark plugs. If you're concerned about cleaning a spark plug, these are the products to use for optimal efficiency and safety. Buy spark plug tester equipment and supplies right here for the best value.

When it comes to testing, cleaning and maintaining all the critical parts of your airplane (that is to say every part of your airplane), has you covered. From diagnostic tools to specialty cleaners, we've got the finest products from world-class manufacturers. If you have any questions, give our aviation professionals a call.

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