Does your shop or hangar have so many chemicals on the shelf people confuse you with a mad scientist? If not, you're crazy.

Whenever cleaning is an issue for your aircraft—and let's be honest, it often is—the solution can inevitably be found in chemical solvents. Lucky for you we have plenty that are ready to disinfect, sanitize, polish, or purify—depending on your preference or whatever action is required.

Whether you need desiccants to keep things dry, ketone cleaners or anything in between, let SkyGeek be your chemical supplier. Our selection of chemical solvents includes fast-acting toluene solutions that work on oil-based paints, lacquers and adhesives; degreasers that abolish the slick; and anti-caking agents like potassium ferrocyanide. We have chemicals with so many applications we're practically putting the periodic table on your shelf…all right, a slight exaggeration but we do offer a lot.

If you have your sights set on an in-depth cleaning mission, choose from our assortment of acids, acetones, and others. Urethane-grade methyl ethyl ketone, methyl propyl ketone, naphtha—you'll find them right here. Unstick adhesives with mineral spirits or break down tough corrosion to prepare an aluminum surface for bonding with phosphoric acid. We even carry distilled white vinegar to help battle fungus growth in moist environments and distilled water to dilute solutions or rinse applied cleaners. Our chemical solvents are designed to assist with maintenance because we know if you truly care about your aircraft you will clean it from time to time.

Whether you're preparing a plane for a fresh coat of paint or scrubbing away caked-on dirt, grime and corrosion, you'll find the chemical solvents you need. Routine maintenance and SkyGeek…now that's good chemistry.