Landing Gear Fluid

What goes up must come down, and since we're in the aviation industry, we want it to come down like a feather grazing the tip of a blade of grass. That means you need the right fluids in your landing gear.

After soaring through the air for several hours your plane needs to land at some point. Unfortunately, it can't do that without the right landing gear. Tires, brakes, wheels, shimmy dampers—there are so many components involved when a descent from the skies requires grace. But what good is your undercarriage without properly lubed components?

In order to keep your aircraft's landing gear and other systems in excellent condition, we offer fluids with superior anti-wear agents. These additives offer protection against oxidation while creating corrosion inhibition and stability. Our supply of hydraulic fluids will ease the traumatic compression inherent in having a heavy load like your plane touch the tarmac. Don't let your undercarriage go stiff. Strut your stuff and get your plane rolling with ease as it kisses the ground. The items on this pages will allow for that.