You could run around to different stores or go do different websites online for every item on your shopping list, but who the heck has the time to do that? SkyGeek to the rescue! Here's a selection of sponges and hand pads for your cleaning, blending, smoothing and sanding chores. Sponges have many such uses, and we have them in different colors and various grades. Their heavy-duty sponges are great on all kinds of surfaces and fixtures.

There's sanding sponges for either wet or dry sanding of metal, plastic, wood, paint and more. Cotton woven gauze pads can be used for wiping off fluids and solvents, which're very durable. You can also purchase cleaning sponges in quantity for an even bigger bargain.

In addition to sponges, we have all sorts of shop supplies that are regularly in-stock, so have a look and stock up!