Assembly Lubricant

Parts are not normally isolated from one another; they work together. Planes consist of a variety of assemblies and these assemblies rely on parts joining up. Unfortunately, when this occurs friction is just around the bend. That's why you need lubrication.

SkyGeek has the solution.

Our massive inventory contains high-quality assembly lubricants from manufacturers such as Dow Corning, ROYCO and more so that you have the widest selection of mated parts protection. We have heavy-duty pastes, acryloid assembly fluids and easy-to-apply gels that save you time and money associated with repair and replacement.

Choose between petroleum-based and non-oil-based lubricants. Some of the engine assembly lube products in our inventory are compatible with petroleum lubricants, hydraulic fluids and elastomers and won't leave behind contaminants or introduce foreign bodies that may compromise performance. Lubricate O-rings, provide extra sticking power in gearboxes and pumps, and watch friction slip away.

SkyGeek realizes every aircraft mechanic, operator and owner has different preferences and needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why we carry lubricants designed with specifications that work for a whole host of plane models and assemblages. We carry Dow Corning Molykote G-N metal assembly paste, ROYCO HF-825 acryloid assembly fluid and Solutia MCS352B hydraulic assembly lube. Looking for TBM Turbo 10 turbine assembly lube or AFS-682? We carry those as well. Click on any of the items on this page to find the right one for the task at hand.