Hose & Fittings

It doesn't take a SkyGeek to know that hoses are hollow tubes that transfer liquid or gas from one place to another. But when it comes to aviation and hoses, things are a little more complicated. Since aircraft require liquids and gases of various chemical compositions—everything from oil to coolant—with various properties, it's essential to have durable hoses that can handle exposure to these substances. Hoses are usually made of a durable rubber (e.g. neoprene or silicone) but may also be made of metal, fiberglass or any combination of these materials.

In order to select the right hose, you must know its proper application. For instance, if you want a perfect method for transferring oil, alcohol, coolant, or water, try the MIL-H-6000 hose. Or, if you need a hose suitable for transporting air or fumes, choose from our SCEET inventory. SkyGeek carries both and more! In short, we don't carry your typical garden hose. Our inventory is growing, so check in from time to time. Otherwise, peruse the individual sub-categories for more information. Remember, the best way to select the right hose is to compare each item in terms of diameter, length, and operating temperature range.