Aircraft Tail Stands

Stabilize your aircraft during routine maintenance and when using a tripod jack by using an aircraft tail stand from SkyGeek. Much more reliable than a wheel, block or other device, a tail stand cradles the tail of the aircraft, holding it in place and adding extra stability. The simple design is a must-have for an aircraft mechanic or ambitious DIYer that’s looking for a safe and simple solution to a wobbly airplane body. Shop at SkyGeek to find tail stands in a variety of sizes to fit most popular makes and models of small aircraft.

Sturdy Tripod Design

Tail stands are remarkably simple in design. They feature a tripod-like base that’s adjustable in height to suit your aircraft. A slightly curved top cradles the airplane tail and simultaneously keeps it from slipping off the stand. Padding prevents scratches and wheels on the base of the tripod make the stand remarkably mobile. The stands are made from strong materials like steel, so the weight of the aircraft won’t make the stand wobble or move around.

Alarmed Stands Available

A tripod stand is simple to use, but can also be dangerous if the aircraft isn’t secured properly. To help prevent accidents when using the stands, select styles have a built-in alarm system that sounds to tell you that the airplane has shifted. This extra safety sensor allows the user to focus on the job at hand, rather than whether or not their aircraft is still on the stand. Safety sensors are a great choice for any hangar or safety-minded mechanic.

Make maintaining your aircraft a little bit easier with an aircraft tail stand from SkyGeek. The safety stands feature powder coated finishes, padded tops, casters and other details that make them easy to use and reliable. The tail stands are priced affordably and can ship quickly. International shipping is also available on select styles. For more information about our tail stands or for questions about our international shipping, please contact us and one of our Geeks will get back to you during our regular business hours.