Rubbing Compounds

With everything you and your plane go through in a restoration process, it's bound to leave marks. We can't help with your tiredness and lack of sleep, but we can definitely help you remove some of those markings from your aircraft. These professional products from Farecla and 3M will remove swirl marks, paint oxidation and fine sanding scratches, giving you a cleaner, smoother surface. You'll find aviation rubbing compound, super duty compound that can be used with a machine or by hand and machine polish swirl remover. 3M's Perfect-It rubbing compound removes fine scratches when used with foam or wool compounding pads. Their 98544 compound can be used on painted surfaces or aircraft cabinets.

From Farecla, we have general use advanced liquid compound for sanding marks, swirl remover for fresh or cured paint finishes and total dry use compound for a high gloss finish on fresh paint.