Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker that doesn't function correctly is a big concern for aviators. Electrical overload isn't a laughing matter, which is why SkyGeek keeps an ample supply of well-made aircraft circuit breakers guaranteed not to break your bank account. Count on affordability in the form of circuit breaker accessories as well: lockout rings and button caps are all a few dollars a piece.

The circuit breakers we carry are some of the lightest, best-performing options around. Designed to protect state-of-the-art aviation power systems, these devices are mandatory when it comes to preserving the integrity of your electrical equipment.

Endurance and reliability are always necessary and such circuit breakers fit the bill. Featuring high vibration resistance and boasting a high interruption capacity, these products can be counted on when traveling in an often hostile atmosphere. You wouldn't have second-rate circuit breakers in your house, would you? Nobody would want cheap, unreliable breakers in anything they own and maintain, and that goes double for aircraft. You don't play around with power, especially if that power is your lifeline.

Check the specifications of each circuit breaker, make sure it fits your aircraft, and feel confident that what you receive in the mail is a good fit. Remember, whether it's the circuit breaker itself or some related accessory, like lockout rings and button caps, pick up what you need from SkyGeek.