Brand Spotlight: Most Popular Products from Military Standard

When it comes to precision parts that are durable enough to handle combat, one brand stands: Military Standard. Military Standard is a leading brand in the aerospace industry, offering a wide range of parts and components that are designed to outperform the competition, keeping your bird in the air and ready for flight. Developed to meet the strict requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense, Military Standard meets the most stringent requirements for quality, performance and interoperability. The top-rated brand produces a wide range of products, including O-rings, safety wire, steel screws and more, all available at SkyGeek.

Always Improving

Military Standard is always improving, using advancements in technology to create products that are stronger, more durable and more reliable than ever. If it can be done better, Military Standard is seeking a way to do it, developing new products and processes along the way. Each generation of Military Standard components is more precise than the last, fitting perfectly into your aircraft and keeping it running like a well-oiled machine.

Military Standard is also leading the way in affordability, offering pilots and aircraft enthusiasts the products they need at prices they can afford. The economical brand focuses on quality and performance over profits, developing a line of aircraft parts that not only fit your aircraft, but also fit your budget.

Popular Picks

With a catalog that includes well over 1,000 different items, there's a Military Standard product for every need and every aircraft. Thanks to the brand's impeccable reputation and an incredible assortment of aircraft components, there are a lot of popular picks in the Military Standard lineup - and SkyGeek carries them all. Whether you're a fan of the brand or a first-time buyer, SkyGeek's list of popular picks can help you stock your cart with popular Military Standard products.

  • Electrical Connectors and Plugs: Electrical connectors and plugs are crucial for creating secure and reliable electrical connections. Connectors and plugs come in a wide range of types, sizes and styles to suit any need and any installation. These critical components can be used in everything from aircraft to ground vehicles. Many are designed to replace OEM equipment, fitting perfectly and providing enhanced performance.
  • Fasteners: Screws, nuts, bolts and rivets are just a handful of the fastener types at SkyGeek. We carry everything you need to keep your aircraft in top condition. Install new components, make minor repairs and switch out equipment with ease when you have the right fasteners to get the job done. Military Standard fasteners are made from quality materials and are designed to stand up to the rigors of flight, resisting environmental hazards, vibrational forces and other hazards.
  • Safety Wire: Very few brands are as well-known for something as Military Standard is known for their safety wire. Military Standard produces a wide variety of safety wire products for everything from locking fasteners in place to securing components. From heavy-duty, high-tension safety wire to light-duty safety wire, you'll find the best selection and reputation for excellence when you choose Military Standard.
  • Straps and Cable Ties: When you're in mid-flight, the last thing you need is a component flapping around or a cable coming loose. Fortunately, Military Standard has a solution: Straps and cable ties. Military specification straps and cable ties are designed to securely hold cabling and components in place, keeping them where they belong, whether taking off or touching down. Available in a range of sizes and styles, you'll find a strap or tie for just about anything.
  • O-Rings: Military Standard O-rings are the go-to choice for most aviators. Known for their high-quality construction, durable materials and precision sizing, Military Standard O-rings offer a perfect fit and leak-free operation. The O-rings are made from materials like chemical-resistant rubber and come in a wide range of sizes. All O-rings have a similar shape, but choosing the right size is critical for the installation, Fortunately, Military Standard offers O-rings in a range of sizes, all priced low.
  • Cotter Pins: Another popular pick is Military Standard cotter pins. Cotter pins keep coupled components together, but are easily removed to separate parts when needed. Cheap, easy to use and remarkably reliable, Military Standard cotter pins are the ideal replacement for most OEM equipment. Military Standard cotter pins come in dozens of sizes and styles to fit most needs.

Less Popular Picks

Just because a part isn't popular doesn't mean it's not quality. Military Standard offers such an extensive product catalog that not everything can be wildly popular. Fortunately, if you're looking for less common items or replacement parts that aren't changed out as often, you can still find a Military Standard solution for your needs. When shopping for replacement parts, take a second to see if Military Standard makes what you need. Even the brand's less popular picks are still top-rated for quality. Less popular components include:

Quality Components

Military Standard is known for their quality components and replacement parts. Whether your aircraft used Military Standard equipment to begin with or if you're looking into the brand as a replacement option, you'll be impressed with the quality, longevity and exceptional durability that Military Standard brings to the table.

Sop the entire Military Standard collection at SkyGeek to find high-quality aircraft components for less. Get the performance you need at a price you can afford by switching to Military Standard. Shop for a popular pick or choose one of the other Military Standard offerings to get the quality parts you need to keep your aircraft in the sky. At SkyGeek, we keep thousands of Military Standard parts in stock and ready to ship, so you can get your order faster. Stop wasting time and money and switch to Military Standard aircraft parts from SkyGeek.