Exterior Cleaners

Keep your bird as clean as whistle with high-quality aircraft cleaners from SkyGeek. Our selection of exterior cleaning products are specially designed to put the shine back on your bird. They're great for stripping away bugs, dirt and other debris that are picked up during normal operations. While keeping your aircraft clean is a matter of pride, it's also a great way to prevent problems down the road. Bug splatter, runway debris and salt from deicing operations can all take a toll on your paint as well as the exterior components of your aircraft. Regular cleaning helps remove these corrosive components, keeping your aircraft's exterior shell in perfect condition. It also gives you a chance to get up close and personal with your aircraft to look for any weaknesses or potential problems before your next flight.

At SkyGeek, we carry everything you need to keep your bird clean. Whether you're a private aircraft owner or a professional pilot, we carry the products you need for regular exterior maintenance activities. Our cleaners come in a variety of container sizes and varieties, so you can choose the right size of cleaner as well as the right type for your needs. Pick up a bottle of degreasing soap to quickly wash your small hobby plane or pick up an industrial-size drum of your favorite all-purpose cleaner to tackle an entire fleet of jetliners. At SkyGeek, we love all of our aviation customers, so there's never any minimum order sizes for cleaners and we won't ever pressure you into buying more than you need.

When searching for a cleaner, make sure you read each product's description carefully before ordering. Not all exterior cleaners are created alike and some are highly specialized to remove a certain type of dirt or grime. Make sure you choose the right cleaner for your aircraft to get the best results with the least amount of work. Need help choosing? Our expert Geeks are always ready to help by answering any questions you may have and making recommendations based on your specific needs.