Sealant Tools

Get everything you need for the safe and effective application of aerospace sealants at SkyGeek. We carry a wide variety of implementations including guns, nozzles, spreaders, scrapers and more, all at our low everyday prices. We carry everything necessary for every step of the sealing process so you can easily remove the old and unwanted layer of sealant from your aircraft, prepare the surface for a new coat using a sealant primer and add a new coat of sealant without breaking a sweat. Be sure to make note of the equipment requirements specific to the type of sealant you've chosen. Low-viscosity liquid sealants should be applied with the use of a brush or a roller. Thick, spreadable sealants that are made up of thixotropic paste should be applied with the use of a spatula, extrusion gun or injection gun. The type of tool you need will depend on the viscosity of the sealant you choose and where you need to apply it.

Begin your aircraft sealant maintenance project by purchasing one of our sealant remover products. Pair your chosen solvent with one of our sealant scrapers to remove your aircraft's existing sealant. Be sure to get into cracks and grooves to totally remove the existing sealant for the best results. Our sealant scrapers are made from different materials and feature different shapes and sizes for every type of scraping job. Use them to scrape off decals, soft sealant and caulking. Some of the available scraper materials include acrylic blend, celcon plastic, glass-filled nylon plastic and phenolic resin scrapers. Once the old sealant is removed, you'll need to choose a new sealant. Many aircraft-grade sealants come in two-part formulas which need to be mixed before use. Try one of our mechanical sealant mixers to ensure that the solution is well-mixed before application. Once your sealant is mixed, you're ready to apply it. There are different ways to apply sealants and SkyGeek carries the tools needed for thick, thin and medium-viscosity formulas. Order one of our sealant guns, sealant syringes, sealant smoothing spatulas or other tools and enjoy a perfect application, every time.

If you opt for a sealant gun, we carry several different sealant guns and nozzle options at different price points. Each nozzle is designed to apply the sealant in a different way. Different application areas and surfaces are better suited for specific nozzles. Try the standard disposable sealant nozzles for general application of multipurpose sealants, or pick up a specialty nozzle like a rivet nozzle for special applications. We also carry sealant gun fillet nozzles, ribbon nozzles and roller nozzles for liquid formulas. For sealant gun repairs, we carry sealant gun replacement parts such as hoses, retainers, wiper plungers and flex needles. You can also choose from several sealant cartridges, seals and flange caps, all in one convenient location. If you're looking for sealant tools, look no further than to SkyGeek.