Dry Film Lubricants

Liquid ain't the only way to lube something. A solid investment against friction is found in purchasing dry lubricants.

Smooth out the rough patches in your aircraft's operation systems by choosing from our supplies of a high-quality dry lube. Sprays, pastes—whatever form they're in you can be certain that once these products are applied and hardened, friction will be nothing but fantasy.

Dry (aka solid) lubricants offer an alternative to conventional lubes and in fact work better in certain instances. Point of fact: locking mechanisms, where a liquid medium may not only be ineffective but may be counterproductive. Liquid lube often accumulates dirt and grime and thus makes for a less than optimal functioning of part(s).

Solid lubricants are also beneficial when dealing with motion, especially reciprocating motion, as well as extreme contact pressures. But perhaps the best advantage is their resistance under another extreme. Molybdenum sulfide (MOS2) and graphite are two of the most widely used active ingredients that make dry lubricants work wonders. Such substances operate at incredibly high temperatures (over 2,000°F for MOS2). That is why they are used in space vehicles and that is why they are perfect for your plane.

Find these products from industry juggernauts like Dow Corning Molykote, Everlube Lubri-Bond and Henkel Loctite. Whatever brand, whatever quantity, it's all ready to be deployed to your base of operations courtesy of the propeller hat sages at SkyGeek.