Stop the stink with deodorizers and air sanitizers from SkyGeek. When you’re in sky and the stink threatens to overtake you, you can't just open a window and air things out. That’s why SkyGeek offers a huge selection of deodorizers and air sanitizers that are designed to tackle those unpleasant odors that can make you passengers and flight crews uncomfortable. Make sure everyone onboard your aircraft enjoys clean, fresh-smelling air by ordering deodorizers and air sanitizers from SkyGeek.


Deodorizers do exactly what you think - they get rid of odors. Choose an aerosol spray that can be used to tackle one-time smells or pick up a non-toxic solid disc to keep air fresh for up to 30 days. Aircraft deodorizers are a must-have for the lav and if your cockpit could use a little freshening, we have sprays and discs for that too. Looking for an easy and affordable option to tackle tough odors? Check out the Celeste® Flight Fresh® disc, available in single packages or in bulk. The solid disc can be used anywhere and provides continuous freshness flight after flight. For intermittent odor control, a spray might be better. Celeste® Jetscent® in Outdoor Fresh is a sprayable option that’s perfect for the cockpit or tight places. Our deodorizing products leave behind a light, fresh scent that completely rids the area of any odor without being overpowering.

Air Sanitizers

To really eliminate odors instead of masking them, we recommend an air sanitizer. Ozium® Air Sanitizer Spray is easy to use and gets rid of all kinds of odors or smoke by treating the air and actively cleaning it. Our air sanitizer sprays are easy to use and come in compact containers that can be stashed throughout the aircraft.

Make sure the air onboard your bird is as fresh and good-smelling as possible by ordering deodorizers and air sanitizers from SkyGeek. Shop for sprays or discs to suit any need and say goodbye to funky smells and lingering odors. Planning on buying in bulk? Take advantage of our volume pricing on some of our best-selling deodorizing and sanitizing products.