Your aircraft parts should be safely sealed and secure before every departure. Our selection of silicone sealants is aviation-approved for your aircraft's needs. Silicone sealants have a mess-free consistency, allowing for easy application without any hassle. These products adhere to many surfaces, perfect for a multi-purpose staple in your toolbox. If you are concerned about inclement weather affecting your sealants, try Dow Corning 732, which will protect your aircraft and remain flexible even when exposed to extreme temperatures. Our selection of J-B Weld epoxy products is incredibly versatile, useful as adhesive, sealant, filler, insulator and more; a handy product for any aviator and technician. We carry J-B Weld epoxy products specialized for water, cold, wood and general uses. All of our weld epoxy products are durable and require little to no maintenance, setting in under 30 minutes and curing in mere hours after application. Try our 3M products, such as the Scotch-Seal, which protects steel, glass and plastics. The 3M 1300L adhesive is a highly versatile adhesive ideal for any toolkit. Use 3M's general purpose adhesive cleaner for easy cleanup after adhesive application. Our industrial adhesive and silicone sealant products will keep your aircraft sealed and protected under any conditions.

If you have any additional questions, we encourage you to contact our knowledgeable and friendly customer service experts via the SkyGeek Help Center.