Hook & Loop Fastener

There are certain sounds that should scare a pilot, but the "ripping" from velcro shouldn't be one of them. It may seem odd that SkyGeek would place velcro under "Hardware" but like other hardware, it is similar in function. In other words, velcro is a type of fastener. Its design is such that micro hooks and loops lock when pressed together.

While it may be made of numerous materials, hook and loop fasteners are usually composed of nylon or polyester and can be distinguished by its color. When purchasing velcro, it's a good idea to determine how it will be used and how much you need for a given task. Thus, search for such features as width, thickness and length (hint: velcro usually comes in rolls and is measured in yards).

In terms of application, as the saying goes, the sky is the limit. Velcro can be used practically anywhere (in cockpits) or on many things (uniforms). SkyGeek has obtained an extensive array of velcro from 3M. Select an individual item to find out more. And if you like what you find, stick around, there's more to come!