All of us have encountered grommets but many of us would be hard pressed to explain what one is and what it does. Well, for us Skygeeks it is as simple as tying our shoes; in fact a grommet is often found around the hole which shoelaces go through.

A grommet is a ring that serves as a lining for a hole. It is usually composed of either plastic, rubber, or metal. The purpose of a grommet—also known as an eyelet— is to reinforce a hole. But that's not all. Grommets also allow the safe passage of fasteners, cables, and wires through holes. With a grommet in place, these items will not succumb to chafing or unnecessary wear and tear.

Several industries use grommets including the clothing, furniture, and medical (surgical) industries. As for aviation, aircrafts have tons of holes and that means grommets are used extensively. The variety of grommets corresponds to the amount of plane parts and assemblies. For instance, there are tail grommets, inspection plate grommets, strut grommets, pulley cover grommets, etc. With a variety of applications comes variety in sizes. Grommets range from small sizes (#0 to #4) to medium sizes (#6 to #10) to large sizes (#12 to #20).

SkyGeek suggests purchasing grommets based on quality. To ensure this quality, look no further than the U.S. military, which has established strict standards. Our increasing inventory contains grommets that meet or exceed these standards such as the MS35489. Click on any series of grommet to find out more.