Heat Shrink Tubing

We all seek security. It makes us rest easy at night. Wires, conductors, connections and many other electrical components are no different. They want to be secure. Fortunately, heat shrink tubing ensures security.

Heat shrink tubing is a plastic tube蓉sually nylon or polyolefin謡hich shrinks in diameter when a heat source is applied. This creates a snug and secure wrap to the contents within its parameters. This process results in better insulation.

Another added benefit when using heat shrink tubing: abrasion resistance. Such resistance promises to prolong the life of wires and other components so that they work properly. This reduces any unnecessary replacement or repairs.

Finally, heat shrink tubing provides environmental protection. Flight operations expose electrical systems to a whole host of elements and forces that seek to compromise function. But manufacturers have compensated for such erratic (and often unpredictable) conditions by developing many types of heat shrink tubing. Chemical composition offers unique benefits; some allow for better insulation while others promise better fire resistance. A variety of compositions are based on the fact that applications are numerous.

Regardless heat shrink tubing is available for more efficient use and organization of electrical work.