Camloc® Fasteners

Camloc® has been innovating for over 80 years and at SkyGeek, you can shop the complete Camloc® collection to find some of the best quick-release fasteners, latches and solid inserts on the market. Camloc® is an industry leader, offering a full range of quick-release fasteners featuring superior quality and easy installation. Get the convenience you want the performance you need by shopping the Camloc® aircraft fasteners collection at SkyGeek.

Quick-Release Fasteners
Camloc® 2600 series quick-release fasteners are made for the sky. The vibration-resistant fasteners are perfect for installations with a high degree of repetition. Install quick-release fasteners on panels to enjoy quick attachment and removal with minimal effort. Many of the quick-release fasteners have quarter-turn, push-turn and push-button quick-release mechanisms, so locking or unlocking the fastener only requires a quarter-turn or push.

Camloc® latches are adjustable and are ideal for securing machine and equipment parts that need to be opened or removed frequently. The high-performance latches make locking and unlocking simple, while the high load capacity reduces the total number of latches needed for an installation. Camloc® latches are vibration-resistant and come in a range of sizes.

Solid Inserts
Camloc® Keenserts® are high-strength, solid inserts used to strengthen existing threads or repair or replace damaged or stripped threads. Available in a wide range of sizes, Camloc® Keenserts® can be used for all kinds of maintenance and repair applications.

Shop the Camloc® collection at SkyGeek to find the aircraft hardware you need from a name you can trust. When it comes to quick-release aerospace fasteners, latches and solid inserts, nobody does it better than Camloc®. Order online and have your aircraft hardware shipped directly to your door.