Emergency & Safety

Make safety a top priority onboard your aircraft or in the hangar by shopping for emergency and safety supplies at SkyGeek. We carry everything you need to stay safe, including life vests, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and more. Our premium safety supplies are designed to help you tackle any emergency, including injuries, fires and more. Shop online at SkyGeek to stock up on all of the most critical supplies from your favorite brands.

Emergency Equipment

When an emergency strikes, it’s important to be prepared. Having the right emergency equipment on-hand and easily accessible can mean the difference between a minor emergency and a full-fledged catastrophe. Make sure your fire extinguisher is not expired and is positioned in an easily accessible location. Keep one onboard your aircraft and another in the hangar to put out small fires before they become big problems. Other emergency must-haves include life vests and first aid equipment.

Safety Supplies

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make sure you’re stocked up on safety supplies to help prevent an emergency from happening. Reflective safety belts keep crews and passengers safe and visible, whether they’re working on the aircraft on the ground or are in the cockpit during turbulence. Coveralls protect crews from harmful chemicals and a good quality carbon monoxide detector can pick up on dangerous levels of gasses before any damage can be done.

Make your aircraft and hangar a little bit safer by shopping for safety and emergency supplies at SkyGeek. We carry a huge selection of safety and emergency products to choose from to help protect pilots, passengers, crew members and more. Order online and enjoy fast shipping on any of our in-stock items. Have a safety-related question or need some product recommendations? SkyGeek is here to help with dedicated Geeks that can help you find the right safety and emergency equipment for your needs.