Tackle tough messes with degreasers from SkyGeek. Whether it’s grimy, greasy or just plain gross, we have the products you need to remove it. Our degreasers are perfect for pilots who love to keep their plane or helicopter spotless and with a variety of trusted formulas to choose from, you’ll never be at a loss for quality cleaning supplies. Shop online and have your favorite degreasers delivered right to your door.

Powerful Grease Removal

All-purpose cleaners are great, but they can't get in and handle the nitty gritty nuances of a grease mess. Degreasers use the power of chemistry to encapsulate and lift grease from surfaces, making it easy to wipe away. While all degreasers use the same method of lifting and removing grease from surfaces, some may be more suitable for certain applications than others. Fear not, for SkyGeek carries a little bit of everything, so you’re sure to find the right degreaser for your needs. Shop for Simple Green cleaners, non-flammable degreasers in aerosol cans or even AeroShell® Oil and Exhaust Remover in a convenient spray bottle.

Won’t Damage Surfaces

Considering how powerful our degreasers are, you may worry that they’ll damage surfaces. Well, rest assured that they will not cause harm to metals or remove coatings under normal conditions. In fact, our degreasers are generally only a threat to grease, lifting it away from surfaces and allowing it to be wiped clean. We carry degreasers for every need, so if you’re concerned about surfaces, be sure to choose a degreaser that’s compatible with your project.

Shop for powerful, affordable and easy-to-use degreasers at SkyGeek. Give your aircraft a fresh new finish by wiping away greasy messes and revealing a clean surface. Use degreasers to clean up after maintenance procedures or to restore surfaces to their previous shine. With so many grease removers to choose from, there’s a formula for everyone at SkyGeek. For questions about any of the grease removers we sell, or for help ordering, be sure to check out our online help center.