Corrosion Inhibitor

The amount of blood, sweat and tears (and sometimes colorful language) in a maintenance bay is usually a pretty good indicator that mechanics and operators are wrestling with rusty, corroded parts. We're committed to keeping the mood upbeat in our own hangars, so we've put together a collection of anti-corrosive and anti-rust products that might help in yours, too.

We carry anti-rust and anti-corrosion oils from Lear Chemical Research, CorrosionX and Daubert. We also stock brands like Chemetall, Ardrox and Phillips 66. Products from these brands work really well. Why do we say that? Because many of these products meet military specifications MIL-C-81309E or MIL-C-16173D. Conforming to the rigorous tests and standards established by the above specifications is something you can trust. You can trust in their quality.

In addition, our rust inhibitors may limit corrosion but they are not limited in application. These water-displacing compounds can be used on most areas of an airframe, painted or unpainted. One application is often all you need, providing a hard yet flexible film once cured.

Your aircraft will give back what you put in, so it's important to use products that take good care of each component. Care for your craft and save money…not just on repair costs but on healthcare costs associated with anger management.