Alkaline Cleaner

Tackle your toughest cleaning and rust removal jobs with an alkaline cleaner product from SkyGeek. Our industrial-strength cleaners are able to strip away rust and corrosion along with oil, grease and even dried paint to leave a clean and shiny surface behind. Alkaline cleaners are tough enough to handle the worst jobs you can think of and they'll handle them with ease. They are sold in liquid format for safety and come in resealable containers for convenience. Our cleaners are easy to use and are highly effective, making them a must-have addition to any hangar.

Alkaline scale and rust removers are easy to use and easy to clean up. They are water soluble and are specially formulated for use on metal surfaces. They work particularly well on iron and steel, going to work quickly and stripping away any signs of rust, grease, oil or paint. The cleaners also protect the surface and help prevent future rust and scale buildup. They do this by preventing hydrogen embrittlement on high-tensile steels. This makes the surface less susceptible to re-rusting. This additional layer of protection makes alkaline cleaners a better choice than acid-based rust removal agents. Please note that while these cleaning products are great for iron and steel, they should not be used on titanium surfaces.

For industrial rust removal and de-scaling products, shop at SkyGeek Our alkaline cleaners are pre-mixed and ready to use straight out of the containers. Strip away stubborn rust and other imperfections while strengthening steel surfaces and helping to protect them against re-rusting in the future. Our cleaners are priced competitively and are available in the formats and sizes professional aircraft maintenance crews prefer. They are designed for industrial use and offer reliable results with little fuss. If you're in the market for a cleaner that's tough enough to handle your worst jobs, shop at SkyGeek and order one of our powerful alkaline rust and scale removers. For more information, please click on the image of the cleaner that you are interested in from the list shown or contact our Geeks directly for personal assistance.