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Flamemaster Aircraft Sealants & Coatings

The Flamemaster Corporation is a specialty chemical manufacturer that has been serving the aerospace industry since 1942. The brand has over 70 years of experience and produces a wide range of high-quality sealants and coatings, specifically designed for use on aircrafts. Shop for Flamemaster slants, fire product products, coatings and more at SkyGeek for reliable performance and exceptional pricing.


The Flamemaster Corporation is probably best-known for their high-quality sealants and at SkyGeek, we carry all of the best-selling formulas from this highly respected brand. Flamemaster fuselage sealants and Flamemaster fuel tank sealants, like Flamemaster CS-3204, are some of the best on the market, offering exceptional chemical and flame resistance. Corrosion-resistant sealants are another great option, with special additives that help repel moisture to prevent corrosion on sensitive surfaces. Access door sealants are another popular product, designed to seal removable panels and access doors to prevent moisture intrusion. Other types of sealants are also available, each designed for a specific application.

Potting Compounds

Flamemaster potting compounds are designed to help secure fasteners, panels and other inserts quickly and efficiently. The compounds have good flow, high shear and high torque strength, so they'll hold strong, flight after flight. Potting compounds are designed to cure readily, making repairs and replacements take less time. Flamemaster potting compounds are low in density for a consistent, fast flow through the dispenser of your choice.


Flamemaster's innovation goes beyond sealants and potting compounds. The brand also makes sealant primers, epoxy primers and more. Make sure your surface is prepped and ready for sealant or epoxy to ensure the best hold possible. Primers are an important part of any project and Flamemaster primers deliver excellent performance at a low price point.

Find all of your favorite Flamemaster Corporation products at SkyGeek and browse our complete collection to see what's new from the innovative brand. Whether you need a fire-resistant sealant or a primer to make sure you get the best hold possible, you'll find high-quality, high-performance options when you shop the Flamemaster brand category. Order online and let SkyGeek ship your selections right to your door for unbeatable convenience.