Grease Fittings

SkyGeek is sleek because we know grease fittings. Also known as grease nipples or Zerk fittings, grease fittings are simple in function: they are specifically designed to fit with a grease gun and are thus used when lubrication application is required.

Understanding grease fittings is often a matter of identifying four features: its angle, its material, its finish, its style. Besides a straight design, grease fittings come in a variety of angled configurations: 30-degree, 45-degree, and 90-degree to name a few. They are usually made of metal such as brass and (stainless) steel and contain finishes including nickel and zinc (yellow and dichromate). Additionally, grease fittings come in a variety of styles including but not limited to: ball check, (extra) long, pin type, and self-tapping.

Grease fittings come in a variety of sizes as well. With so much variety, standardization was necessary. That's why many conform to U.S. military specifications. Whether it's Military Standard (MS) or National Aerospace Standard (NAS), SkyGeek has those that fit your needs. Click on the corresponding grease fittings for more details.