SkyGeek knows aircrafts have a multitude of parts and that these parts must be assembled. We also know aircraft contain various gases. During assembly, when parts are joined, there are often irregularities, i.e. the parts may not fit perfectly. When this happens gases may leak, thus compromising the corresponding system where they are contained. That's where gaskets come into play.

Gaskets are seals. By joining corresponding parts together—or rather, by filling in the space between the parts—gas cannot escape. Although called a "gas"ket, they also prevent the leakage of fluids as well. It's important to note that "gasket" is a broad term that encompasses a variety of seals including back-up rings, O-rings, retaining rings, as well as the various forms of packing—all of which SkyGeek has in stock.

A certain degree of flexibility is required in a gasket, especially in aeronautics. Compression is a gasket's defining feature as it must do so in order to adjust to the variable pressures inherent in aviation. This compression is often achieved by its composition. While gaskets come in metal or even paper, rubber is often the material of choice. In particular, fluoroelastomers is a family of polymers well suited for high performance sealing applications used in the aviation industry. Their widespread use can be attributed to maintaining their physical functionality at high temperatures while simultaneously resisting various chemicals often found in gases and fluids. Additionally, these polymers offer other benefits including: low permeability to a wide range of substances; excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions (sun, oxidation); great resistance to fungus and mold; low burning characteristics.

Gaskets come in many shapes and sizes and often their names define their function. With all this variety, standardization is key. That's why the U.S. military has devised standards to meet the demands of the aviation industry. SkyGeek has a growing inventory of gaskets that conform to these standards. To learn more, click on the gasket sub-categories on this page.