Magneto Timing Tools

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If your aircraft's engines aren't working well together, you might need a new magneto timing tool. Magneto timing lights, synchronizers, timing kits and similar tools from SkyGeek are specially designed for the do-it-yourself aviator that wants to synchronize their aircraft's engines for better performance. Be a master of ignition timing with the help of a Magneto timer, timing light, timing indicator or magneto synchronizer. At SkyGeek, you'll also find engine test kits that let you synchronize Magnetos and a whole lot more, such as check engine compression, test ignition leads and time aircraft engines.

Depending upon the model of magneto timing kit you choose, you might find items such as a Magneto timer, a digital inclinometer, a locator pin and protractor or other similar accessories, all packaged into a convenient storage and carrying case. A timing light may sound unnecessary, but it actually works to take out the guesswork for perfect timing and more efficient operation.

Shop at SkyGeek to browse all of our Magneto timing tools and products at great prices. Our time-saving engine synchronization tools are priced low and are available in a wide range of styles and designs to help you tackle some of your most pressing aviation issues. Every product listing is accompanied with detailed information so you can read about your favorite Magneto products in comfort in our virtual showroom before you make a decision or a purchase. Our no-pressure online showroom makes it easy to take your time browsing products, reading reviews and finding the right magneto timing tool for your needs. Still not sure? If you have any questions about any of the products you see here, our knowledgeable staff members are always happy to help. Just give them a call and you'll have all the help you could need to choose the right aircraft engine magneto timer for your needs.