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Equip your airplane with aircraft jumper cables, preventing frustrating flight delays and waiting time on the ground. Our jumper cables are an essential for any aircraft. Don't wait until you are stuck on land. Instead, invest in booster cables today. We carry Coleman and Associated Equipment cables and replacement clamps for long-term use and reliability. For only $24.99, try our Coleman Cable Heavy Duty Gauge Booster Cables with Polar-Glo Clamps. These cables won't tangle and are equipped with copper plated steel for extra durability. Polar-Glo Clamps include shielded surfaces to prevent short circuits and recessed surfaces to avoid accidental contact. These exciting clamps are easy to use and have color coded, indent stamped and glow-in-the-dark labels for simplified identification. Our Associated Equipment Cessna jumper cables will start your Cessna aircraft with ease. This product is corrosion-proof and requires little assembly for fast use. Our powerful and highly durable aircraft jumper cables will give you piece of mind with every flight.

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