Cable Tie Guns

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Cable ties are a simple and secure way to fasten items on your aircraft. Our cable tie guns make installation a breeze. We carry cable tie guns designed to automatically install and tighten your cable ties without any elbow grease. Try the Eclipse Tools Cable Tie Gun for only $19.99. This useful gun works with cable tie widths ranging from 3/33 to 11/32 inches. It includes adjustable tension control and will neatly cut the cable's end. We also offer two Innovative Tools automatic zip tie guns. The ELB720 is equipped with a tension adjustment wheel; just choose your desired tension and the gun will automatically cut when the correct tension is obtained. Use this tool with up to 1/4 inch ties. For an inexpensive and compact alternative, the Innovative Tools Mini Cable Tie Gun is ideal. This smaller alternative allows for single-handed use and is perfect for operation in tight spaces. In addition to these automatic tie guns, we carry a manual Malco Tools tensioning tool. This product is easy and comfortable to use and is compatible with all cable tie sizes.

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