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At SkyGeek, we aim to serve as a one-stop shopping location for every aviation tool. We carry the back riveting tools and rivet sets you need for fast and simple installation. Try the Aircraft Tool Supply 2470 Rivet Set, ideal for back riveting of flush rivets without any damage to the surrounding surface. This set can also be used for straight riveting of flush rivets for extra versatility. The 2470 Rivet Set includes a spring-loaded plastic guard to hold down skin while riveting. For confined and hard-to-reach areas, we carry two extended versions of the 2470. These 12-inch versions have a .401 shank as well, and are offered in straight and double offset varieties. Our products are always priced for your budget, with the straight extended version at $27.99 and the double offset tool at $29.99. Because back riveting requires a bucking bar, we carry the Avery Tool 1065 Back Riveting Plate. This eight pound plate is the ideal surface to use while you set the shop head of the rivet.

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